I finally have the time to work on the Unity3D Wikia. I will be posting TONS of stuff and updating it A LOT. Hopefully I can get Admin of this page so that I can make more changes to it as time goes on. SInce, I don't have page admin I will be doing the best I can. So far I have a small little list of changes that I have made to this Wikia.

  • Added Unity and Wiki News to Front Page
  • Created an Image Slider
  • Updated Version on Infobox
  • Added Pricing to Infobox
  • Made "WIKINEWS" Category for holding this wiki's news.

Those are all the updates that I have made TODAY. Hopefully as time goes on I will know of what I should add to improve this wikia. Whelp That is all I have!

Posted by

Shastafication (talk | Unity3D Wiki)  08:15, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

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